2 States : Beautiful Ugly

It was the fifth pebble and I threw it .

I was sat on a rock 50 m away from the coast throwing pebbles that moon. It was my way to ignore and hate my backsiders who were black.

Yes , Fifth pebble and my feet slipped.

A backside hand catched my hand .

Dear beautiful ! She wishpered.

Dear beautiful ,

Please unlock your tonge .

Say me ugly , hate this ugly.

Yes , tomorrow ….

Meet me and find my


Dear mate ,

Yesterday , I was ugly .

But your sense has made

Both of us


Black cornea met –

and got wet .

[Truly , this time I was 50 m away from the coast ; coast of racism .

Every colour is beautiful and black is just a colour]

“एक” और वो “दुसरा”

वो धंसी हुई छोटी- छोटी आंखों ..

बहुत दुर तक देखता था ।

बहुत देर तक देखता था ।

बहुत देर तक सोचता था –

वो झुर्रियों वाला चेहरा

एकांत में बैठकर ।।

थका नहीं है वो अब भी ..

युं उसे ढुंढते

इस तरह खुद में

और वो दुसरा उस एक में

बड़ी आहिस्ता उतर रही थी ।।


When lips goes gumed ,

Sound goes numbed ,

Tasteless bites ask repeatedly…

The reason.

Eh ! Voice goes jamed .


Whithin the body , silence being aloud ,

Chatter mouth – mock frowned .

Amid of this bottleneck°°°

mind fumbles earnestly –

” a word .”

A word to shout on –

A word to cry on –

long , aloud .

With all blood N muscles ,

to clap on N whistle…

infinitely !


Mom! How many times you born..?

Mom , you have same breath as I have.
Same pain as I have.
Same unconsciousness , same fearsome
And after all; same and same satisfaction.

I open my eyes to find you , you to find me Gaze me without blinking.
I see a rolling drop on your cheek,
Continuously from a corner of your left eye.
Oh! You are my world and I too for you.
You take a long breathe – I gonna sleep.
You arise whenever I cry ….
Midnight , late night
deep night , freezed night.
And makes me calm.
You change my napkins successively,
Feed me regularly and care me dedicatedly.
You run here n there , day n night….
Tirelessly , selflessly , composedly.
Is it because…I am your “self” ?
When I am toddler , you jog same.
When I laugh ,you laugh same.
Whenever I babble , you babble same.
But.. when I weep, you encourage me.
Mom !! you are not senior but braver than me.
I am thinking about myself ,
My carrier, my goal , my life.
You too think about me ..
My failure fears you ; my success cheers you.
Me too…..same.
I think we born together , grow together.
I have a sibling.
Mom ! How many times you born ?
And did the same…??
Mom please…!!!!

#Dedicated to my twin nieces.

Whooo… wrong number

A guy who pics every calls up , because he knows…..

Dear heart ,

I know your vibration.

My sole , my mind , my animus ,

I know your eagerness.

I giggle solely at …

” Why you are more active . ”

And well ,

I understand the anxiety of eyes..

Which are blinking faster than yesterday..

or equivalent to that past memories.

” The fixed sit at wooden bench ..

and endless talk “

Oh ! I recognize the softness of lips ,

and ubiquitous smile …

Which is more than –

Or equivalent to laughing together-

years ago.

I guess why the friendship of face …

with mirror.. is growing more,

and carefulness….a lot more.

Without a doubt it is waiting…

an endless waiting of a call –

no matter from “Wrong Number”..

What……? Would you..?

I will meet you …..very soon.

I promise .

I too.

So , today in the park..?

Oh no…

Aha ! tomorrow..?

Sorry !

Ok , on Friday..?


What ?? Next weekend..?

No..nope .

(cool , relax )

I suppose , next month..?

Perhaps not.

On your birthday..?

Really not.

Oh..at least on 1st January..?

Right now , not sure.

What’s hell ! Are you ever..?

Cool buddy… please !

I hope , we will .

It may be at any turn or in any train ,

at any junction or any juncture ,

at any coast, any beach ,

at any corner ,any counter ,

any arrival or any trivial ,

in pain or in rain .

Alone , aloof , insane .

Murmuring , unuttered or freezed .

I will listen and well , talk to you .

Watch one another’s teeth and eyes shine ,


and will continue our half-story ,


I’m sure.

I assure.

# Dedicated to all my readers and friends.

Best wishes :


Where My Blessing-box…?

#Doctors dress the wound and God heals it.#

A film superstar injures seriously and after all aid , as soon as he gets well , doctor says “it was the blessings of well-wishers. “

Springs ago , actress Neha Dhupiya phrased in an interview “I used to take all blessings seriously and stock it .”

Blessings : Be happy ; Ome God..,and that’s why she sustains her happyness even at life’s tight juncturs . #No Filter# Inspired by this , I recognize this as nose-down Cinderella which can add unless and until a good deal of fortune and many bonanzas in life’s pile .


Well . Indeed we do live in a sea of blessings , we have no reason to be happy after all . Being an aspirant , I unequivocally know that my authentic happy is in my progressive study to earn my goal . In toto , Nothing make us more pleasure by soul but our results. And behalf of it storing our blessings actually we can be reacher than our past.

With my best wishes “Happy New Year 2020 .”

Spring Comes….

This is year’s most panoramic spring.

Aha! children are jumping-pumping on the branches. Birds are chirping,tittuping. Bees are busy. Cuoo..cuoo.. melodies of cuckoo is spreading the sweetness of heart . Lives are kidding themselves, blossoms are laughing, sighing..

Aah! An old man comes and sits on the soil. Gentle man!, tree smiles and whisperes: Gentle man, now I am greenish totally. But recall when I have lost my green-coat in autumn. Listen ,after every autumn spring comes. It’s sure. It’s sure.

The old man took two lengthy breaths and close his eyes. Children are still playing far from the old man.


I will provide you total luxuries , but make me sure
you will never be unhealthy.
Surely ,I will make you laugh , could you guarantee me –
you will never ignore wet- eyes.?
You have all rights to groom yourself , but are you ready –
to cuddle every natural skin?
Is your rosy couple of lips are ready –
to kiss dry-cracked lips?
And your pinky face ,
to face the world ?
Don’t mind “dear”; I believe you.
The reason ,you believe on yourself.
You,the simple guy,
have keen sight to watch other.
sharp logic to read other.
panther courage enough to know yourself.
rocky power to implement your habit.
and dedicated discipline to follow them
From down to dusk.
Really, you are fine one to have this all .

The Journey Begins

Dear followers, readers and well-wishers;

Thanks for joining me and felt me stronger! This is Kishan.

Loveable ‘wordpress’,love you so much.You are,for me,like an open sky to fly high.

Paper has more patience than people.

By this corridor I am going to express my mental as well as internal feelings on varieties of topics (social, self-help..).

Truly, fiction lies on reality and reality lies on fiction.

I am hopeful for your possessive appearance.

With smile:Thanks again

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton