5 channels of marriage


             pre-arrange-marriage . Pleasure of phone call , smile and then of Marriage day. A  lot talk , flow ,  love and togetherness; a lot . Good days.

You start living more asa parent and less as a couple. The place between you will be occupied by your children.

        Children goes outside for study, job. This time once again you come close, very close but this time having responsibility at place of romance.

4th…. Just fine
         Well , your children are settled. You are living among them. New bridle, new child and a new family you see in front of you . You engaged there. Living Among children, you find little time to talk to each other . Then less time. Less matter to talk on , share . You become now ready just after bath. Hair care , facecare, are gone to their country. You are fine. Just fine . Always.
Bete, bahu , bacchon k bich pata nahi kab se tum khote rahe.. You nurture your oldness by nurturing grand child. Your hair starts turning thin, pale , white. Your smile comes now over your wrinkles. Oh, and you are not exactly worry for this now.    Hamm…!  you feel now often the need of together’s warmness. you want now to sit togather . Damn uncomfortable but.
                 Truth of old age kept desolving into you. Knowing it , you smile but yah, you want now to pass the time together literally.  …You worry whether you will ever or not. You  start caring each other in mind. Medicine, walking-stick, syrup , spectecal, stick ..you worry of it. Life starts threatening you. Yes, you see one of you are getting more older. You suddenly feel time is passing. You start caring beside everything; desperately. You want just to devote your rest of love. Yes, while shaking the syrup, putting it into his mouth you keep seeing into eyes.
        But my dear, time passes.

              And a day, your son runs towards hospital carring one of you. You are too old to run towards. For being this you  left at home. You weep, you sob behind your eyes or sometimes out of it, you console yourself and engage yourself in something. Insane and alone among many.
May he/ she return for you. May you have some more days !
          But dear , one of you shall have to pass some rest of years/ year alone , insane , being half or exactly the one, single what you were among all your people;  years back.


Truly We Lies

> . People and world around us are wonderful. Here is something borrowed from there. This is just an average estimation.

          Places                            we lies
1. At big stage.                          85%
2. At small stage speech.        75%
3. Tv- debate/ interview.           70%
4. On social media, status.       70%
5. On phone call.                          60-65%
5′. To shopkeeper , sabjiwale.  60%
6. In wishes                                     50%
6′ Guardian of bridle / groom.      50%
6”. In quarrel with neighbour.      50%
7. In romance.                                 50- 75%
8. With stranger   a. Quite strange. 50%
                                b. Friendly             20%
9. Parents in law.                                40%
10. Train conversation.                      35%
10′. About salary.                                35%
11. With parents.                                 25%
12. At work place/ office.                  25%
13. With seniors.                                  20%
13′. Casual conversation.                   20%
14. In letters.                                         20%
15. With juniors.                              15-20%
16. Coffee table / tea time.                20%
17. With grand parents.                     15%
18. With same age friend.                  15%
18′ . Formal interview (job).         . 15-20%
19. In diary.                                             10%
20. In mental thought.                          5%

                  @ .This is just based on narrow understanding. The scope of exception is aligned here.  May you are an exception.       
                                      Good Luck  !!


चिड़ियाँ तो पहले से बोलती थी ,

हमने पिंजड़े में उसे बोलना सिखाया

अपनी भाषा

और तमाम शब्द भाषा के

सिवाय आजादी के ।



एक दिन चिडियाँ उड़ जाएगी

और पूरी धरती तक शोर करेगी

आदमी गुंगा है।

वह ” आजादी” नहीं बोल सकता ॥

¢ kishan .


तमाचे का इंतजार रहेगा-
युद्ध के बाद ।
कि कोई ढही दिवारों के बीच में ही
रचेगा “युद्ध और शांति ” ।
कोई मसले पलास को छुकर
अगले पलास के उग आने तक
जीने की इच्छा बढ़ाएगा ।

भागा हुआ न्युटन खोजता आएगा
सेब का उसका पेड़ ।
लगाएगा वहीं कोई दुसरा कोंपल ।
अपनी रद्दियाँ समेटने
लौटेगा जब आइंस्टीन ।
शहरों को जलते देख चुकी ऑखें
किसी पन्ने पर अबतक की
सबसे प्यारी दुनिया खींच डालेगा ।

सहमें से बच्चे
ढुढ़नें आएंगे अपना गुल्लक ।
और युद्ध के बचे हुए लोग
देर तक लिपटे रहेंगें गले में
एक दुसरे को महसूस करते ।
युद्ध में पराजित हुए लोग
सबसे ज्यादा सच बोलेंगें ।
लिखेंगे सबसे सच्ची कविताएँ ।
आदमी पर ,
देश पर ,
जीवन पर ।
युद्ध के बड़े चेहरे
पड़े ही मरेंगें एक दिन ।

एक दिन ये सब जमकर
तमाचे बनेंगें ।
इतिहास बनने को नकारते हुए
ये सब कहानियाँ बनेंगे ॥

© किशन ..

My experiment with lies

Can we imagine a world around us having no lie lays , nothing false appears, nothing wrong interpreted. Had it be, this world no longer would have been a monotonous sphere. Truth is harsh and nude but it’s lies that wrape it. Lies has design, fashion. For each truth – varieties of lies can be supplied.

Here is something what once a lie whispered to me about itself :

* Lies considers privacy. No one knows the lies as truly as its owner knows.

* Truth is stringent but lies is liberal. Truth which once said expected to get practiced by speaker , inversely in lies it is no way necessary either to speaker or to listener.

* Lies cares your health. As per your age, BP, health- record , lies changes its degree to comfort you. It can be told in any form but truth an never.

* No people are as creative as a lier is.

Sometimes a people hid something backstairs but his sense start reflecting for a little time in other works too. He may speak with hissing sound or sometimes he may speak a little louder to blanket the fact. But in both cases he never sense the reflection of the pinch of abnormality.

Oh yes; words reflect more reality than getups . But next to it, body- movements are more true than words. By reading it, you can know the contrasting truth behind false words that sometimes get practiced.🤔

The better part is … Anything can be spoken in only two frames; either in truth or lies. Justice J R Midha of Delhi High court quoted it wonderfully in his farewell speech.. ” In the court of justice, both the parties know the truth. It’s the judge who’s on the trial.

: Thankyou .


To the pen and pieces of paper for being available at the exact time.

To my mom and dad who conjugated and loved and I found my existence. Who are now a wall and an umbrella for me . Having a bit doubt and more faith , they are paying the cost of my success and my freedom.

To Sir who Who trusts over me even when my response is poor and has excused many of my wrongs. He , who shapes me each single day and understands me by just seeing .

To those brilliant books and authors who gradually kindle my inner and widen my thinking.

My Sis and Bro for being mine even when I was not so worthy. And keeping it up.

My twin nieces who cuddle me , kisses me minding not the chocklateless pocket.

My grandma who is used to say to come on Sunday.

To my seniors who give their fingers and guide the journey.

To my juniors who push me to prepare for being senior.

To my friends who listen my chatter mouth and give me space . Who hand me RHS when I get left .

To one who gave me my name and thought me its spell. (Perhaps my dad.)

Equally to those strangers who suggest me right path when I get perplexed.

To my phone who clicks selfie every now and then.

To my feet , my shoes and my bicy for carring my weight and keeping me nextward on the road and in the walk of life.

.To all those people who are behind my words even not get mentioned namely.


^^^ @ 20 ^^^

@20    ~  You dream.

                      You chase.

                     You study  your ownself ,

order to yourself

                       Advise yourself , treat yourself.


Age of complexity,

spell of cordial confusion,

You fight everyday :

 Sometimes for today

and rest of the time-

for the time that will come years later.

You have question ,

Couldn’t be asked , will never be –


Answer , stole.

                    Your mind irks you –

equippes you .

Your every action will be judged,

Every fraction will be buzzed.

It is the age when ,” Ek Bagal mei Chand hoga- Ek  Bagal mei rotiyan”.

@20 – your friends will be squizzed in a few bossoms.

       But don’t get down ,

      .   You are being ready  for –

anywhere in the world.

         Yes , You will have solved this puzzle

too ,

And then you will find yourself

                    FAR FROM @20°°° •


….. Kishan.

                                    July 10, 2021 ; Saturday

Even that day too.

The day when there will be

a bee-busy road between you and me.

And from a side of that breathless race

If I could be yours a little

Even that day too.

Pulled from various angles

may my leg

And the “30-days’pocket”

divided into blocks.

The spell of my name will

have lost its order,

Andy your smile, its odours.

Amid of that “lost-name” days

If I could step towards you

a few

Storing my vim and vigor.

Even that day too.

The stapled promises

And bunches of noddings the on your teachings

If I could complete a few of them

And could keep a knott of trust.

By my all at

Even that day too.

– To Sir and Parents. Thankyou

# काबुलीवाला और काबुल #

भागकर मिन्नी अंदर आई । ” मम्मी काबुलीवाला आया है ।” उठती गिरती सासों में ही वह बोली और मम्मी को बाहर की तरफ खींची । सबकुछ अटपटा सा था , फुदककर काबुलीवाले की तरफ भागने वाली मिन्नी आज सीधे घर को भागी थी ,अंजुल काबुली से भरे होने के बजाए खाली थे और कॉप रहे थे , और काबुलीवाले ने इसबार कोई आवाज नहीं लगाई थी।

मुहल्ले के उस पुराने पेड़ के नीचे वह बैठा था। साथ में कोई 12 साल की बेटी और उससे बीते भर छोटा छोरा था। थका ,चिंतित और अस्त – व्यस्त सा। बच्चों की ऑखों में भय साफ दिख रहा था । काबुली वाली गठरी के जगह कोई नई सी गठरी थी जिसमें कपड़े और कुछ समान होंगे । गठरी के उभार से अंदाजा लगाना मुश्किल था । आज और कल की देहरी पर बैठा उसने घिरे से अपनी गरदन उठाई। आखों पे धुल और ओस दोनो जमें थे।

काबुल से इंडिया को उड़ी अंतिम फ्लाइट से वह अपने मुल्क को छोड़ भागा था । शहर से एयरपोर्ट का एक ही रास्ता था। इसी रास्ते में से कुछ जिंदगी को जाते तो कुछ मौत को ।उसी रास्ते उसकी हाथ अन्य से छुटी। भय, संदेह ओर अनिश्चितताओं की कितनी कहानियाँ थी उसके पास । ” #इंक जैसे ही कागज पर उतरी सबसे पहले उसने दुनिया को नीलाम किया ।# हरेक मुल्क ने अपने अपने हिस्‍से का इंक पाया । मैं अपना इंक खो चुका हुँ और नीलाम हो चुकी इस दुनिया के पास पंजे भर भी जमीन नहीं है किसी गैर मुल्क के लिए ।” उसने भर्रायी आवाज में बुदबुदाया ।

वह अब शरणार्थी रूप में था। वह पुराना पेड़ बस एक ठहराव हो सकता था- स्थायी नहीं , वह जानता था। दुनिया के मुल्कों के फैसले होने अभी बाकी थे। धिमे आँच पर उष्ण हुआ ऑखों का पानी अबतक भाप बन चुका था। शाम गहरा गई थी। वह उठा , ऑसु सॅभाला , गठरी उठाई और दोनो बच्चों को साथ ले चल पड़ा। रोज फेरी लगाने वाले वही रास्ते उसके लिए आज थोड़े अजनबी से थे ॥

काबुलीवाला अब नहीं आएगा ? मिन्नी सशंकित सी पूछी।

*This is just a symbolic – fiction .

” Kabuliwala ” is a story written by Rabindranath Tagore ( nobel prize , literature ) .

Thank You

… kishan

Let Me Talk….

I think what we do more in our lives is “talking”. To known-unknown , at here-there-everywhere .. .  Could you exactly recall those all with whom you have talked till now?          
   No na ..?? 😃


Talk is actually juxtapose of loneliness. As we have more talk , so we feel more freedom , more intimacy. But sometimes you may feel yourself alone even amongst all . Having no care , no sign of empathy really oppress mouth to go dumbed . A Sour talk hardly leaves any chance to put ourside down and so, consequently it paves the way of dumbness at the same time.

             Besides it ; we , often and again , get addressed with false-talk. By structure, this is the softest type of talk where we have one and a half time longer talk without any bitterness. Yes , butter-coated talk. People of dual faces always talk in this manner. They have a bunch of complaints to us in absence but before us , get overwhelmed to cover-up . Interestingly, while doing so somehow they blink eyes fast (.. **but sometimes people do same romantically too ).


  Have you ever experienced friendship with an stranger ? Talking with an stranger either in train, in the park  or somewhere else in a lengthy way is a much joyous verb in itself. Here, both put their inner without filter.

Psychologically , sometimes we get filled with a bundle of talks which we don’t want to share with any knownone afraid of  being harassed/ tittilated .Stranger is a fine one in this circumstance to whom we could pour those matters which are churning in our minds ; breathfully , patiently ,frankly ; by joining them one by one.
             This is also a type of therapy used for depressed people to revive them (Coffee with stranger..). Some matters become elephantine in anxious mind but actually they are small and could be shortened or shorted out .
            # Talking to an stranger is a special monologue too.

Many times we took suggestions from as well as share something specific to a bonafide one.
        Self talk or introspection is also a specific kind of talk.

## Silence itself is a mature talk.

         Moreover, we have conversations and questions-answer format talks frequently ; a productive one.
         One, who is a master of life having experiences a lot, much courage and  cristal clarity only dares to suggest us something straightforwardly. He takes patience till result.

Please don’t take otherwise but we do also enjoy a daily basis talks with many but hardly on any matter.

Have you ever experienced eyes saying a lot. You could it – by watching into the eyes of a needy one.

Hello dear ,

Here, I have shared my understanding. I Welcome you too to share your views bellow comment section. Please feel free to do so . Thankyou!!

Kishan .